Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chocolate Banana Bread

Received some super-riped bananas from Chun Huey and had no choice but to bake some banana recipes.

Tired of the usual banana muffins (I like baking new stuff!), so I browsed the net to find other recipes calling for bananas. Saw this recipe 'Chocolate Banana Bread' and couldn't resist trying it out.

After all, this recipe consists of 2 of my favourite ingredients - Bananas and Chocolate!

It turned out to be a 'lil burnt on the top crust (because it is difficult to see when dark-coloured batter is fully baked) - my mistake of course.

Anyway, the final product of my Chocolate Banana Bread looks a little ugly - but the taste is heavenly. Mum & Min says it tasted SUPER!

Wet & Dry Bowls

Adding in toasted and coarsely chopped walnuts and chocolate chips

The thick and chunky batter

Oops...slightly over-burnt top crust

After peeling off the parchment paper to reveal the moist texture

Yummy chocolate banana bread

I give myself 9.5 out of 10 marks (this is because I am rating myself!). Hahaha....i love this recipe. I think I'm gonna bake this a 2nd time...coz not enough to go around!


Daniel Chew said...

The bread looks ok ah. Not that I like cakes very much. :)

tanshuyin said... cake super sedap ok?
hehe..last time also i dont like cake that much wan.
but cakes i bake myself I LIKE!
coz healthy preservatives, etc! ;D