Friday, April 17, 2009

Stuff I Wanna Eat When My Pregnancy Is Over

I can't believe I've abstained from eating one of my favourite food since I know I am pregnant.
Those fat, delicious, juicy looking salmon always makes me drool everytime I dine in any Japanese Restaurant.
I think I will eat a whole kg of raw salmon the moment I'm allowed to eat them!

Another thing is I want to eat is toast dipped into half-boiled eggs with a tad of soya sauce. It is not that I really love eating them. But when you are not supposed to eat them, you always think of them during breakfast time...:P

I'm actually not a real fan of Tiramisu. But ever since I got pregnant, I always hear people saying 'Bella Italia serves the best Tiramisu in Penang'! 'Tiramisu is famous at Annabelle's Place'! Arrghh...I just so wanna try them!

I am not supposed to eat all the above-mentioned food because raw or uncooked food has the risk of contamination with coliform bacteria, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella.

Anyway, just thinking about them makes me drool......


Mindy said...

After the little one has arrived, we shall go to Old Town for breakfast to have half boiled eggs with toast, then to Sakae Sushi for lunch, then we can have tiramisu for tea.

Ok? :)

BTW, the absolutely best tiramisu has to be at The View at EQ hotel!~~

tanshuyin said...

OKOK...let's do that for a few days. hahaha

The View? Ive been there once. But forgotten how the Tiramisu tasted like. Maybe I stuffed myself too full then.

chiaoju said...

oh yes... Bella Italia sure serves really good Tiramisu -- although, the standard has deteriorate a little.

oh btw, i buy baju for ur son... okie ar? =)

tanshuyin said... need buy baju la. sure in the end got lotsa ppl buy baju for him wan.

Anonymous said...

count me in for the eating mania.... :P


tanshuyin said...

cp..haha. no problem!

Elly Leong said...

oi count me in too...i'm craving for coffee at coffee bean and many other.....but if breast feed, we still have to avoid leh....:(

tanshuyin said... breastfeed, need to avoid the raw stuff too? :(

Elly said...

Yes my dear. Avoid peanut, dairy product, caffeine again, seafood, ginger but some is okie and alcohol. Aiyo being a mother is not easy. That all I can say. But benefit of breast feed : mother can slim down faster and baby very healthy lo....Such a big sacrifice on our craving. Those of you who are not pregnant yet, you will not know how much we have sacrifice...especially craving for food that we like exp: seafood and coffee bwahhh :~~~(

tanshuyin said...

seafood kenot eat meh? i eat them all the time!