Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Banana Bread with Almonds

Bought some bananas the other day and now that it is ripe, I need to bake something with bananas again. So I bake the common quick bread recipe - Banana Bread.

Recipe calls for walnuts or pecans, which I dont have. I only have almonds, so I chopped them up corasely and toasted them in the oven and threw them inside my batter.
Shu-Min is sure to complain later as she dislikes nuts in her food! hehe

The batter

Straight from the oven

Unpeeling the parchment paper to reveal moist crust at the sides

Full of chopped toasted almonds and bananas

Actually I think a perfectly baked bread should not have burst top crust. I tried googling and they said that maybe the oven temperature while baking is too hot.
But then my Hesstar oven a bit 'cacat' coz the temperature indicator is incorrect.

Never mind. As long as my bread turns out tasting good. I am not selling it anyway.


Mindy said...

Ask Peter to buy you those super canggih ovens... :)

tanshuyin said...

haha...im afraid later i wont bake dee after my son is born :P

too bz dee that time