Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Fans

I would like to thank Peter as he is my #1 fan...no matter in terms of work or pleasure. Most importantly, he is also one of my fans when it comes to eating all the stuff i bake / cook!

I just started baking about a month ago. Before that I do some baking...but only once in a blue moon. Within one month, I realized that I baked/cook quite a many thing - ranging from cakes to muffins to cookies and others.

And the reason I keep on baking is because I have such great fans. One of them is darlin' Peter, who devours everything I bake. He is not choosy over food and thus thinks everything I bake is delicious (though I hope it is really delicious!).

Another person is my youngest sis, Shu-Min. She is an important fan, who is more critical and thus I get to improve on them. She is also the one who demands what she wants to eat.

My mum and dad and ah-yee also help to finish everything I bake. With them around, I get to bake frequently because all the stuff I baked will be finished within a few days.

I am now in my 7th month pregnancy. I guess I only have a few more weeks of baking before I get too big and clumsy.

So to all my fans...enjoy while you can!


Shu-Min said...

i'm happily enjoying!! =D

tanshuyin said...

i juz baked the individual cheesecake. but need to be refigerated overnite. so tomorrow only u get to eat. :)

Huey said...

Yeah having fans on baking/cooking is really motivating. Like I baked muffins bcoz Wah and Chao Chao love it so much. :D

tanshuyin said...

huey...yalor. if nobody eats ar...not fun dee baking!

Jen said...

geram.... both chef also in penang =.=

tanshuyin said...

jen...so easy nya. u come to penang to stay la.