Friday, April 24, 2009

I miss Melbourne!

Ndru pestered me quite some time ago to post about my last year of uni in Melbourne. Actually, i only went there for 10 mths in year 2003. Before I went there, 10 mths seemed so long, especially when I knew I had to be separated from Peter for 10 whole miserable mths. However, those 10 mths turned out to be one of the best 10 mths I've ever experienced in my life...and I miss Melbourne life now...
And also after seeing Yit Fung blogging about Melbourne, I miss it even more.

Below is the hse Ndru, Ee Lyn, Adrian & I shared.

2/53 McIntyre Street,
Burwood VIC 3125,
Melbourne, Australia.

This is the room Adrian & I shared. Yes, my room-mate was a guy! ;P

2 single beds with a large table and a built-in wardrobe (not seen in the pic)

My gawd...i look so young n stupid. Haha. And holding my 'sweet-smelling' rabbit pillow.

We are a weird kind (actually, my housemates are weird...not me!). We icq-ed each other from our respective rooms. We use our free calls from our mobile to call each other to come down for dinner...we don't shout!
Just thinking back about these things make me smile.

Our barely-furnished living room - utilized mostly by Adrian & EeLyn sitting in front of the tv watching tv series.
Ndru & I are not fans of tv series.

The bathroom & toilet that Adrian & I shared.
We always argued about 'seat up' and 'seat down'. Hahaha

The staircase leading to our rooms upstairs. Ndru's room is downstairs though.

Our laundry area with our life-saving washing machine.

Our backyard aka garden. The place where Adrian & Ndru took a puff at times.
We only cut the grass when they were unbearably long and untidy.

Actually I have many, many more pics about the places we went, the funny things we did, all the outings and gatherings, etc.

'Til the next Melb '03 post.......


giNnA said...

Wow....After finish reading your post about your house, I recall back the moment we visit your house...I have the same feeling also..the moment that I spent in Australia was one of the best experienced in my life....

tanshuyin said...

yf...yalor. im also very glad i spent 10 mths in Aus, though I missed peter a lot that time!

swei said...

yea..couldn't agree of the best!! shuyin..if its not Melb..then we wont get to know each other de..hehe ;)

tanshuyin said...

swei...yalor. then we wouldnt be so close dee! im so glad of melb to have found u then! :D

ndru said...

good one. so when is the next post. wasted i dun have pics.


Andrew Tan said...

so when is the next post? still not ready?
eh send me all photos pls.