Monday, April 27, 2009

Penang Hill

This is my 3rd time to Penang hill in recent years - but first time with family.
(Peter couldn't make it because he had to lecture from 9am-5pm in KDU....sigh)

Anyway, it was a good thing it didn't rain on Saturday when it was raining everyday starting evening comes.

My beloved sexy sis Shu-Min & the bloated me!

Min, Mum & Ah Yee

As usual, nothing much to see in Penang Hill (heard that the Canopy Walk is closed for maintenance) except for dine-in at David Brown's Restaurant.

The famous David Brown's Restaurant garden.

7 of us (I am missing 'coz I was the photographer) enjoying the cool breeze while waiting for our food.

7 of us shared 4 mains. The portions are big!
(l to r: Chicken Ala King, Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Roast Lamb Shank, Chicken Maryland)

Ah Yee & I

I like this table!

The interior of the restaurant is nicely decorated as well.
Erm..this is a fake fireplace.

I like the food there. The lamb was superb and I also like the chicken & mushroom pie. Both are a must-try!

Ooohh..the food at David Brown's is expensive. The 4 mains cost us RM200++. Ice-water are free though. And they even provide you with mosquito coils which are free too! :P

I guess you are paying for the environment as well as the service!


giNnA said...

Yes..I agreed with you that the food is expensive but the service is so slow. Last time when I wnet there, it took so long to serve us food although we are the only customers. I feel that we just mainly just pay for the environment.

tanshuyin said...

oh really? for our case, the food came very fast wor...i think less than 10 mins, our 4 mains are out!