Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mathematics & Calculators

I used to like Mathematics. I am actually quite good in it actually...considering I always got an 'A' for the subject since primary school until all the way to high school and college.

That is until Additional Mathematics came into my life. I would not say that it is very difficult, but I failed several times during Form4 & 5. Let's say that I did not really put in much effort to learn how to do it.

But I must say I hated using 'Buku Sifir'. It is so stupid to do logarithm using it. Why can't they just ask us to use Scientific Calculators to calculate them? As if we will be flipping over the pages of the 'Buku Sifir' in our working life!

When it comes to college in SAM, Mathematics was more advance. It was way more difficult than Add Maths in high school. Suddenly, there are extra stuff like imaginary numbers, etc. I was forced to study and learn it because I can't afford to fail any papers (If I fail, I need to pay to retake and stay back a year!).

Then came working life. When I was a Consol Planner in Expeditors, I only used my basic mathematical skills...namely +, -, /, and x with a calculator of course. That got all my cargo well-stacked up in the storage decks of airplanes!

When I was working as an Assembly Planner in IDT, I also only needed the basic mathematical skills with the help of a calculator. That also got me along fine - the assembly line was running smoothly most of the time.

So all the other stuff I learned in Maths and Add Maths during school days (algebra, calculus, geometry, etc) all went down the drain. I never actually use them at all. What a waste actually!

And I got lazier and lazier. Now, I even depended on my hp calculator function to calculate the price after discount when I go shopping. Or I will just shout out, 'Darlin', how much is this cute baby dress after 40% discount?'.

I was getting all distressed about not using my brains enough now that I am not working full-time. Was telling myself not to depend on others too much and use my brains more often. If not, my brains will be getting rusty soon.

However, I started using the mathematical side of my brains when I attended CFP class. Took Module 1 and now I know how to use a Financial Calculator. I know how to calculate Present Value, Future Value, Interest Payment, etc.

So boy, am I proud? Now I know my brain is not dead yet....can still absorb what has been taught! Not many people know how to use a Financial Calculator! Yay!!!


Catherine said...

I LOVE Add Maths!!! :P

tanshuyin said...

u good at it mah..sure love la! ;)

chiaoju said...

i adore math. i actually decided to major in them. hahaha.. but i recently realize that i hate accounting. =)

tanshuyin said...

cj..i hate accounting too. hehe