Friday, May 1, 2009

Onesies & Mickey from China & HK!

Chiao Ju just came back from China & HK not too long ago from a business trip. She is forever so nice and bought some baby stuff back for 'lil angel.

There are 2 onesies (some ppl call it rompers...i never know the difference!) and a cute little Mickey Mouse toy all the way from Hong Kong Disneyland...woo hoo!

How lucky my 'lil angel is....he got something from HK Disneyland but I've got none... :(

Anyway, I think this forever-kicking-me-nonstop 'lil angel will open his mouth and call 'Aunty Chiao Ju before he will call mummy.....if that happens, I will faint! haha :D

Thanks Chiao Ju..... :D


chiaoju said...

aiyo shu-yin. it's just a small gift! no biggie.

oh and it's not exactly from HK Disneyland. it's from the HK Disneyland store at HKIA. hehehe... but really, I COULDN'T DECIDE WHAT TO BUY! everything looks ever so cute!!!

and no, he will not open his mouth and call aunty chiaoju first... way too tough. haha... of coz he'll call mummy first.

but im glad u like it. and i hope he likes it too. =)

tanshuyin said...

chiao ju: thanks a lot again!