Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank you for being part of my life!

We used to be so close during high school. She was my best friend (actually she was my best friend but I was not hers at that time!). However, we still did everything together. We took the same school bus C21, attended the same tuition classes, same house practice, ate together during recess time, etc. We were practically inseparable!

Actually, she was someone who 'bullied' me a lot (at least that was what ppl was telling me last time!). But I didn't think it was as i was 'willing' to be 'bullied' by her. It is not real bully-ism...just the fact that I gave in to her most of the time. I could walk all the way to her house just to wait for the public bus together with her.

One of the thing i hated most is the 'silent treatment' she gave me. She would just simply refused to talk to me while she talked to practically everyone else. She did it very often. I was very hurt at that time, but I would just ignore it and pretended that everything was normal. No one knew i was hurting inside.

I could do miles and miles of stuff for her and I was happy doing it. I did not say that she treated me bad. She treated me with tender, loving care as well.

During SPM we got even closer. She would come over my house to study, or I would go over hers. Sleepovers became a norm. Our parents knew each other and they were very comfortable about it.

Then came the time when she left M'sia to further her studies overseas. It took me many months to actually let the idea of her not being around sink into my heart. It was after she went that I grew to live without her being on my side.

That period taught me independence and gave me self-confidence. I used to think of other people first before thinking of myself. I used not to mind being unhappy as long as I see others happy.

Now I am different. Besides making other people happy, I make myself happy too. I do not overlook myself anymore.

When she came back for hols, I find her change. Maybe she did not change. Maybe I was the one who changed. I find her actions childish. She likes to whine - complaining about the weather, the food, etc. She likes to whine when people could not accompany her when she comes back for hols. I started to find that irritating. Slowly we drifted apart.

Although I see more faults of her compared to last time, deep inside I know she is still someone whom I can trust. She is also someone who will come to me in times of trouble. I never regretted knowing her and treated her my best friend during my school days. She taught me many many things.

Oh ya...just half an hour ago, we just chatted heart-to-heart talk 'thru MSN. I told her she is someone very damanding. She wants constant companion - which is something which I can't give her. She was very OK with it. She even encouraged me to publish this entry! I am glad we are still very good friends!

But now I feel very happy for her. She has found her best friend and soulmate. She just told me that she is happiest now. I am very happy for her. ;D

You know who you are...I just want to say Thank You...Thank You for Being Part of My Life!

p/s - I am sure many of you know who she is. Anyway, just keep it in your heart :)


Anonymous said...

hmm.. i guess no one is perfect :P but i dont rmbr being such a complainer woh... probly did complain bout the weather coz it really is so hot back here but whining bout ppl not accompanying me when i am back? :s

and i am demanding? WOW! hehe! so many things i duno about myself, good dat u point it out.

all in all, i wana thank u for being a part of my life and i learnt alot from u too :)

thank u for being a part of my life too ;)

tanshuyin said...

above all, thanks for being my fren...even now :)

J said...

so touchy...

Soo Huey said...

what happened about keeping in your heart?!? now all open d loh! LoL

Anonymous said...

May he/she rest in peace, amen...

tanshuyin said...

oi..siapa tu anonymous?

Anonymous said...

your admirer