Sunday, July 27, 2008

DHL Global Forwarding 2008 Family Day

(opening ceremony - launching with a big bang!)

It was a family event organized by DHL Global Forwarding 2008 Family Dad. As usual, our whole family turned up to give our dad our fullest support! We were a bit disappointed to see most of the families there were kinds below 10 years old. So we were considered the OLD kids. hahaha.

Anyway, the event was a big success with wonderful climate. The sun was behind the clouds all the while even though it was 11am. It was quite a breezy day too and we had fun lying on the deck chairs under the swaying trees.

The clown Hoho made us a poodle, rabbit and flower using baloons too! All of us participated in the tele-match.

Dad was the most sporting guy. He participate in many games. Even mum participated in one of the game! We earned RM50 Sunshine vouchers among shopping spree for mum!

Look out for the first pic of my dad - he is gonna participate in the 100m race in Beijing Olympic in August!

(100m olympic athelete in action - my dad)

(Wen & Min feeding dad food in a tele-match)

(dad dancing 'rock n roll' & 'let's twist')

In the treasure hunt, dad's group got the best score (not only within DHL, but amongst all the teams ever..according to the event host) for the Tower of Hanoi game....all thanks to my darlin' Peter! He is the best in all these mind games!

(dad playing the Tower of Hanoi)

We took a few family pictures. First two pics is just the 'Keluarga Asas', while the last pic is with my 'darl to make our family complete!

We took many other pics too - with all sorts of crazy poses!

(3 sisters in action!)

(darlin' Peter & I)

(Wen and mum holding their precious baloons)

(beauties & the beast)

Near to 12noon, the sun came peeping out and everyone started to feel a lil hot and sticky! At about 12.45pm, we adjourned to the hall for the buffet lunch.

And the buffet spread was great. Lots of varieties and ample servings. There were even smoked salmon (which I ate a lot!) and another kind of raw fish!

Great weather. Great company. Great family. Fantastic day!


Shu-Min said...

the shopping spree for mum is for her to buy us tit bits. muahaha

tanshuyin said...

mum sure go beli baju! hehe