Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DVDs @ Batu Feringghi

Last week we went to Batu Feringghi to stock up our DVDs collection. Haha. Mum & Min (DEE TV Manager) tagged along as well. Realized the big food court at the Eden housing area was knocked down. Yes, you heard me correctly. It was a total knock down...down to nothing. The whole place was being fenced up with the "no trespassers allowed" sign and only mud and sand left in the area. So we couldn't park our cars there anymore, instead we parked a little further into the Eden housing area.

Stall selling unique lampsIt was not raining that night and many stalls were open. We stopped by a few stalls to admire some of the unique lamps on sale and other decorative items. 3 main DVD stalls were open. We headed straight to our favourite DVD stall and asked for what we want.

"Prison Break Season 3 ada?"
"Smallville Season 6 & 7 ada?"
"24 Season 2 ada?"

The stalls had a better deal this time. Buy 5 free 1.
Besides the series DVDs, we bought some DVD movies as well. We ended up paying RM140 for our our DVDs. Shocking huh? Juz a short drive up Batu Feringghi makes us RM140 poorer.


Anonymous said...

i watched finish smallville d... shall i write here what happened :P
but very SHITTY ... ish.. ish....


*i guess enuf said? :P

tanshuyin said...

oi..dont be a spoiler! no..i dont wanna know! :)