Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chao Chao's 1st Birthday

(not everyone is in this group pic. late-comers were not included in this pic! :P)

We all gathered at Kuma's house to celebrate Mah Yi Xin a.k.a Chao Chao's 1st birthday. I am sure she did not understand the buzzing excitement the whole time but she was smiling and enjoying herself the whole time. She even changed 2 dresses during the party celebration :)

It was a family gathering for us. Only relatives were invited. Mum made a conclusion stating that 'all children below 5 yrs old's b'day party are attended by old folks and their kids! :P

All the food were home-made. There were jellies, signature 'red egg', beehoon, spaghetti, chicken chop, salad, lobak, vege, fruits,! Even the cake was home-made. Check it out!

Dad was so happy Chao Chao allowed him to carry her and also to feed her. He kept on shouting 'Eh, where is the camera. You need to capture this moment, pls' Hahaha. My dad loves kids.

Peter & I gave Chao Chao a big book of Nursery Rhymes. All of them will need to read and rhyme and sing it out to her. I love that book myself. Educational yet interesting - full of colourful pictures!

Chao Chao is now the princess in everyone's heart! Check out the pics below.

Check out below video clip - singing of birthday song and blowing of candle :D
Kuku's voice is the loudest, don't you think so? *winks*

Happy 1st birthday Chao Chao - Enjoy your baby days which are full of love and care and kisses and hugs ;)

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