Friday, July 25, 2008

El Mondo Pizza @ Kristal Point

Peter took me for a quick bite at El Mondo Pizza @ Kristal Point. During non-peak hours (from 2-5pm if I am not mistaken), you will get 20% discount. Peter tried the Mussels there and thought it tasted good, so he took me there.

The mussels is served with fresh tomatoes with creamy sauce. RM14.90.
So, what is my feedback after trying it? My gawd, it is one of the best mussels dish I've ever tasted. Beat the mussels even at Fish & Co! We ordered garlic bread RM4.90 to complement the dish as well. I did not have my camera with me, so I took a pic of it using my Nokia 6300 and it is not so clear - but just to let you all have a glance at what it looks like!

We did not order anything else so we don't know if other food taste equally as good. Oh ya, a thing is take note is they charge RM0.50 for a small glass of 'very strong taste of chlorinated water'! I just took a sip of it and could already taste and smell the chlorine in it!

And looking at the menu, the food are quite pricey. But if the taste is good, I don't mind coming back. This time, I will insist on bringing my own tumbler! :P


Anonymous said...

Hmm that looks tempting... drool...

tanshuyin said...

yes..too bad the pic a bit blur. if i'd brought along my camera, the pic sure looks lagi tempting!