Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seafood Dinner @ Sin Eng Huat Coffee Shop

Wen and Jen Tze came back yesterday for the weekend. As usual, we went out for some delicious food. Heard some recommendations from friends that the seafood 'chu char' at the Sin Eng Huat Coffee Shop along Jalan Tanjung Bungah is good (opposite Chee Seng Garden/Old Tanjung Bungah Bus Terminal), so we decided to give it a try! Furthermore, the place is near our homes and thus no traffic jams!

8 of us went with hungry stomachs and we ordered 6 different dishes. There were Crab with Mee, Stir-fry scrab with Kam Heong, Mee Sua Tau with clams, Tofu, Signature Beancurd and Vietnam Fish. We ordered white steamed rice to go with it as well.

All the dishes were delicious except for the Vietnam Fish. The Fish was BIG but the sauce was moderate taste - ok ok only. (oops, halfway eating it only i remembered to take the pic of the fish so it looks kinda half-eaten in the pic :P)

The Crab with Mee dish and the Mee Sua Tau with clams dish were also BIG. At first we thought we would not be able to finish 6 dishes, but we did as it was really delicious and the way the prepared the dishes were kind of unique. It was the first time we tried the crabs cooked this way.

Dad, who usually refused to use his hands even when eating crab (yes, he is that stubborn!) was 'finger-licking-good ' all the way! Dad was caught in action and it is a rare photo, mind you!

Just as we were paying the bill, we had our famous 'Guess the bill' game. The exact total bill amount was RM159 and Min won by guessing the figures closest to the actual bill amount. She earned RM1 (sponsored by my dad!) food. I damn love Penang food! ;D


Shu-Min said...

i still havent claim my rm1!

tanshuyin said...

claim from dad..not me! y u come tell me?
i think dad reads my blog occasionally..but then i think he dunno how to click to view comments so he sure wont get ur hint here! hehe

Anonymous said...

wow! ur dad reads ur blog? he's so cool!!

tanshuyin said...

layming...occasionally...and i think not that often :)