Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Wedding Videographer & Photographers :)

Many of my friends and Peter's friends are getting married. Only last year and this year alone, we already attended or going to attend almost 10 weddings. I guess we have reached the age where ppl start tying the knots.
Well, people say that 'all good things must be shared', right? So let me introduce to you 2 of my VIP during my wedding. Ta da...*drum roll* wedding Videographer (Kee Sitt) and Photographers (Win Win & John Chin).

Without them, there would be no record of the most important day of our lives. Without them, I would not be able to view my DVD and photos again and again and again.

So Kee Sitt, Win Win & John, thanks for being with us on our wedding day to capture the moments. Thanks for letting us re-live our special day! Wish you all the best and don't forget us! :D

So for those of you who are planning to get married, you will know where to find the best videographer and photographers! Just remember to buy me dinner ya!


Anonymous said...

I am so flattered Shu-Yin.

You have become from a client to a good friend. Better yet, Peter is now our unit trust agent whom I really am comfortable with and he really knows his stuff and really read/sleep/eat on all these. I hope he is not neglecting you :P

We are glad to be part of your wedding day. I will always remember your wedding because your wedding is our first to shoot in Penang Buddhist Association. Its so nice to film there.

Both of you are great! Stay that way !

J said...

shuyin, i still didn get to see the original photos and DVD!!!!... where are they? sob sob

tanshuyin said... glad u see me as ur good friend ;)
peter is STILL treating me well for now, so dont worry.
yaya...i like the PBA too...very peaceful and nice.

and oh ya, dont be flattered. u r indeed VERY good :D

tanshuyin said... is with me still. will pass them to you soon. oh ya..the video is awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

tx Shu Yin muaks! Long Time No see! miss u o!

tanshuyin said...

win win...yes,long time no see..but i believe u shd have good business from the frens i recommend to you? :D.

Anonymous said...

yup~ all tx to the 2 beautiful + cute couples i hav here! {^ o ^}