Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can Social Networking Destroy You?

Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, etc are getting very popular among teenagers and working adults. Is subscribing to these social networking sites pose a danger to you? Well, it actually can if you leave your sites open to public. What you might not be aware of is employers are starting to google potential candidates online before hiring them!

"A recent study by the executive search firm ExecuNet found that 77 percent of recruiters run searches of candidates on the Web to screen applicants; 35 percent of these same recruiters say they've eliminated a candidate based on the information they uncovered" - (Source:

Scary, huh? So if you do not want to be googled, do NOT keep the default privacy settings (which grants all users in the network to view their profile). Change it to "private" or password-protect your profile/sites.

And please keep in mind this: If there is a photo which you do not want your mum or/and dad to look at it, do not upload it online! *winks*

For me, I'm OK and confortable for the time being as Peter is my boss and he knows I subscribe to Facebook, Friendster, Blogger, etc. Until I find another 9-5pm job, then I will start to edit my profile and password-protect this blog :)

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