Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Breastfeeding with Khye - Part 5 (25 months)

Well, more than 1 year has passed since my last update at 11mo.
Back then at 11mo, Khye was 99% still on my breastmilk, because he was still refusing solid food then still refusing the bottle and my boobs were his only food source.
And from then 'til now Khye & I attended a breastfeeding function, and my kids also had a luxurious breastmilk bath.

Now at 25 mo, Khye is eating well and feeding well too.
And he is still refusing bottle and only wants milk from the source.

Remember my 6 weeks ( 1 1/2 mths) trip to Europe?
Well, at that time, Khye was already 21mo and eating quite well. So I left him with my mum, hoping that without me around he would somehow take the bottle.
But nope, my stubborn little fella refused the bottle and would rather go without milk the entire 6 weeks!

I was hoping then I could wean him off then but I hearing from my mum that he is refusing any other milk and bottle, I continued to pump while in Europe, hoping to maintain my supply for him.
I brought my trusty Avent Manual pump there and pumped on the plane, and in airports and toilets.
But if course I didn't store it during our trip. I just pumped and threw. Well, not really throw but I washed my hands with it.
So that is why I have smoother hands now. Really. No joke. :)

I was still expressing about 4-5oz every 4-5 hours interval during the first few days there.
But as the days went by, I was expressing less and less.
During the last few days in Europe, I was only expressing 4-5oz every 10 hourly!
6 June 2014

(Disclaimer: My Avent Manual pump is made of PES plastic material which is honey yellow in colour. I put this disclaimer because my sis was shocked when she saw the pump and thought I used the pump from white 'til yellow in colour! lol)

And when I came home, guess what?
My little Khye kinda forgotten how to suckle.
Yes, 6 weeks is a very long time for a 1 1/2 yr old toddler. He was used not not sucking for 6 weeks and he was a little confused.
I had to slowly coaxed him to suckle my boobs!

I was actually heartbroken then.
I was ready to wean him off initially but after I decided to maintain my milk supply for him, I was sad that now my son was the one 'rejecting' me then!
It took me about a few hours for him to 'remember' how to suckle and at last he suckled my boobs for his afternoon nap!
I was ecstatic! And since then our breastfeeding bond was re-established until now. :)

Well, since the Europe trip and now, my boobs had suffered minor cuts by Khye's teeth. Both times were accidents.
First was that Khye was having a nightmare (I think so!) and suddenly cried out in the middle of the night while biting onto my nipple. And that was straight after him chipping off his front teeth and thus his teeth was sharp and yes, my nipple bled!

Secondly, it just happened last week. While nursing on the sofa with Khye, Shern decided to join in because Shern said 'I also want to lie down beside mummy!'!
Well a sofa can only handle this many people with its limited space and so Khye accidentally fell down onto the floor with his mouth still holding onto my boobs! It was actually his teeth still biting onto my nipple.
Needless to say, he scraped off a layer of flesh off it, Ouch! The whole piece of wipe was full of blood! The thing is after 1 day I still needed to offer that boob to him because it was engorged. lol. But after 3 days it healed and all's well again.

And now I am kinda happy and sad that Khye is really addicted to my boobs.
I am still contemplating whether should I wean him off now, or should I let him continue until he self-wean.
And what if I am planning for baby#3 soon? Should I be doing tandem nursing then? Hmmm....decisions decisions.

Lastly, a photo of my little sunshine at 25mo. :)
Khye @ 27 Sep 2014

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