Monday, October 13, 2014

A Short Morning Stroll @ Penang Botanical Gardens

Khye @ Penang Botanical Gardens

My mum, ah-yee, Khye & I went for a short one hour stroll at Penang Botanical Gardens, following hubby to his Warrior Bootcamp session last Friday.

It has been quite a while since we step foot into Botanical Gardens. We usually go to Youth Park as there are playgrounds there and also less monkeys which are quite fierce sometimes.

But I did not regret going there last Friday because I'd forgotten how beautiful it was.
This water lilies and lotus ponds and fountains are located just before the entrance of the Botanical Gardens. And it was a breathtaking sight, especially with the fresh cool morning air.

I actually changed Khye's clothes while he was still in dreamland.
Thus his many expressions here, and some of  them sleepy faces. lol.


The bright pink water lilies at the ponds and the fountains is so scenic and beautiful. 
Do you know the difference between water lilies and lotus flowers?
I did some googling and found that water lily leaves rest on the water surface like these...

While lotus' leaves rise several feed above the water like below.
And these should be the lotus flowers seed pods.

And I super love these giant leaves. I think these are lotus leaves, am I right? But why are they resting on the water surface...hmmmmm....

 And erm, I don't know what are these. Anybody knows?

I brought some snacks for Khye to enjoy while surrounded by these beauties. Ate here before we entered the Botanical Gardens as we were afraid of the wild monkeys snatching his food or accidentally hurting Khye. 
I think is best if you do not eat inside the Botanical Gardens.

Khye enjoying some Cheerios. 

And these are some of my favourite photos.

Khye with Pho-pho...

Khye with Pho-pho & Yee-pho....

And Khye with me. :)

Walked to the Botanical Gardens and saw this train parked there. Khye couldn't resist but to climb onto one of the seats.

We just walked the smaller, inner circle of the Botanical Gardens as we were running out of time.
Khye was fascinated with the Cannonball Tree and kept on saying 'Ball...ball'...
So I took some photos of the trees just for memory's sake.  


The flower of the Cannonball Tree.

Walked out the Botanical Gardens opposite the Moon Gate and rested in one of the rest house there while waiting for hubby.
This is just near the place where we used to camp during my guiding days for JOTA-JOTI.

A better view from the bridge with my ah-yee being the model. ;)

My little fella running from one end of the bridge to the other, laughing and enjoying the slope of the bridge. 

Little things make him so happy. Look at his happy faces!

A very nice short morning stroll indeed!
We will definitely be back.


Josie said...

Beautiful day for an outdoor outing. Khye seems to be enjoying himself a lot. The cannonball tree is quite rare. I think I have only seen it in penang botanical gardens... LOL

Serenely said...

Those giant lotus flower leaves look so tempting to step on with my toes. They look so sturdy from the outside. But I know I'll just fall straight into the water the moment I put any weight on it!