Friday, October 24, 2014

Yiu-Khye's Vocabulary Repertoire @ 25 Mths

Khye's was not talking and was only doing actions at his 18mo update.  
And Khye was still not talking much even when he turned two.

Besides the 'mama' 'papa' and 'yee-yee', he was not interested in talking or even repeating words after us, shaking is head no when he was asked to repeat words. 
Although I am considered quite lax on this (as Shern was a late talker too), but then I also started to worry a little about his speech development. 

Maybe he knew that I was a little worried, because Khye suddenly decided to open his mouth and eased my worries!
So within this one month, he has been talking more and more. 
His vocabulary increased to saying more things such as calling 'pho-pho' and 'koko' and even 'yee-pho' in which he could not say different word sounds initially.

I know this is not much compared to other kids. But I am still happy and proud that my little boy is making speech progress.
And in just one month, his vocabulary repertoire increased so much!

He was in a good mood while showering and was repeating words after me, so I just grabbed my phone and captured this short video clip.

You can hear that he has been saying two-syllable words such as 'Blue Ball', 'Blue Car', 'Bubble' and 'Yee-Pho'. And 'Lorry' was a new word in which I mentioned to him first time ever and I'm glad he could repeat that after me.

And I simply love it when he does the 'pok pok pok' chicken

I'm proud of you little boy.
Grow at your own speed and grow well, and mummy is forever your number 1 fan!

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