Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kid's Art & Craft: Thumbprint Freight Train

Thumbprint Freight Train Craft Activity - 5 October 2014

Penang was hit by long and heavy rain for the past 3 days. It came with strong winds too, and many roads were hit with fallen trees and rocks, and needless to say, traffic jam everywhere.
So we were pretty much cooped up at home this long weekend.

I was looking at my Pinterest board to see for things to do when I spied upon these train activities for kids.
As you know, Shern is a train-fanatic!

And so, I decided to do this easiest activity listed there - Thumbprint Freight Train, since we had all the materials in the house.
All you need are paints, drawing paper and some markers. And of course your child's thumb. lol.

We have this Freight Train book by Donald Crews and it was one of Shern's favorite book. (Anything with trains and it is Shern's favourite! haha)

This book has clear bright illustrations of all the tenders of the train in rainbow colours, and easily captured the heart of my kids.

And so I put down all the colours we had on a palette and let Shern did thumb prints on it.
It was easy and little mess for a 5-year old with my guidance of course.

Shern also thumb printed the smoke too.
And then we added on small little wheels for each tenders and bigger wheels for the engine.
And also drew a straight line for the tracks.

And we added little details on each tenders based on the book. Some were from Shern;s imagination.

Zooming in...

As for the rubble underneath the tracks, Shern dipped his thumb onto the grey paint again and rubbed it all across to make a line. And then we used a silver Sharpie and made dots on it.

This is how our work looked like!

Our work, together with the Freight Train book!

Shern with his masterpiece!

A photo of our work together with the Freight Train book! Love his grinning smile!

It was a happy morning indeed!
And I've got one very happy Shern!
Happy weekend people!

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