Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Europe Trip Planning Recording Featured in KC Lau's FinancialWebsite!

If you are a financial geek just like my hubby, I'm sure you've heard of KC Lau.

KC Lau is the founder of the financial website
Besides giving financial education to his readers through his website, he also authors a few books and also co-founded online financial courses.

And so it is an honour to be featured in his website.
So what I did was that I shared our recent Europe Trip Planning through a recording hosted by KC Lau.

He shared this in his website, but unfortunately it is only for his website's premium members to view only. So if you are a premium member of , you can click here and hop over to view and listen to the recording.
In it, you can access to the recording in audio or video format, and also download the full itinerary.

If you are not, fear not.
As my blog readers, you are also entitled to FREE access to it. Haha.
I'm going to embed the recording here, and also the full itinerary here, so no worries. ;)

Click for the Full Itinerary in excel format.
Click below to view the audio/video I'd uploaded in youtube.

And for those who have not read this, please also click here for the Planning and Tips blog post which I shared earlier on in my blog.

Please pardon my amateurish and kinda topsy-tursy recording session. It was my first time doing such things and I find it not so smooth.
But as KC Lau said it was an informal sharing session, so I should not beat myself for it.

And finally, please click here to read more on my Europe trip
I hope I can finish blogging about the countries/cities I've been very soon!

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