Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Family Photoshoot When Khye Turned One - Part 1: Khye

September 2013 - Khye @ 1 yr old

These photos were taken when Khye just turned 1 in September 2013.
It was part of the package that I'd signed up with Karen from The K Studio.
(Click to view the photos when Khye was a newborn, and our family portraiture when Khye was 6mo; Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3)

I seriously think Karen Sim takes the nicest photos for Family Portraits with kids. When it comes to dealing with kids and photography, it is not the straightforward kind.
You need to have lots of energy, and absolutely love kids and understand them, and tremendous patience too. And I want to tell you Karen has all these qualities.

First of all, her studio is very kid-friendly; with air-conditioned spacious floor space, and lotsa props and toys to distract kids of all ages. And that is also one of the reasons why Shern always looks forward to go to Aunty's Karen's workplace.
And secondly, she knows how to deal with kids. She knows how to make them laugh, make them comfortable, and even bargaining with them. Yes.

So I guess you can imagine that it is not an easy 1 hour for her to be able to capture these beautiful photos. Lotsa effort being put in.
And that is also why I love her. Love her photos, that is. ;)

Just like before, I'm going to split this into 3 blog posts, starting with the STAR of this Photoshoot, Yiu-Khye.

This is Khye, who just turned 1 then.
Khye staring straight into the camera, not sure whether to smile or not. Hehe.

Simple photos of Khye being captured.

 And then Khye had some tummy time.

Khye tried to throw a ball.

Khye and his colourful balls. By the way, Khye loves balls.

Khye said grumpily, "Why am I in this bucket?"

And then it was Khye with Mummy.

And I think this is my favourite photo of us 2. Khye tried to 'sayang' me here, I felt so loved.

A photo of me carrying Khye.

Khye with Daddy. 

And then Shern wanted to have his turn to.
He tried to hug Khye but I guess Khye was too 'big' for him to hug. Haha.

And so he was contented just sitting near there and both doing their own stuff.

I like this spontaneous photo too, when both were not aware they were being shot.

Sibling love. Sometimes. Though most of the time is all about yelling.

Ok. I will end with a last photo of hubby and me, with Khye.

I also like Karen's clean, simple, yet natural style. And I love her flush albums, very simple, yet elegant, totally my type.
Thanks Karen for the lovely photos.

Ok, stay tuned for Part 2: Shern and Part 3: Four In The Family.

Photo Credits - Karen Sim from The K Studio

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