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Cafe Hunting: Mugshot Cafe

Cafes have been sprouting up like mushrooms in Penang, especially since Georgetown has been recognized as a Unesco Heritage Site in 2008.
We are actually very outdated, and we haven't joined the crowd in checking them out at all as we were busy with our lives.

But this school holidays, we have been doing some cafe hunting, and been checking out some of these cafes. They are not hidden gems, as they have had thousands of visitors before us. But I would like to share with you our family experience in the cafes we visited. It's not easy lugging two kids on our cafe hunting expedition, but we made do somehow.
I am NOT writing a food review. It is just sharing about our experience as a family to the places we'd visited.

We'd roughly shared our food experience on Roti Bean Cafe at Chulia Street, the day we visited Occupy Beach Street early this month.

Next on the list is Mugshot Cafe, also on Chulia Street.

We've been here a couple of times, and both times are lovely, and that was also the reason why we returned for more than once.

The menu is limited, with only bagel muffins as mains, but boy, they are good.
The choice of drinks list is actually longer than the food list, but since we are not coffee people, half of the drink list is irrelevant to us. Ok, just fyi, both hubby and me can't really take coffee as it makes us dizzy and makes our minds go bonkers. 

But there is a small selection of sides, such as cakes and yogurts. By the way, the yogurt is what making me keep going back there.

This was the first time we went there. We were there for a short breakkie before fetching Shern from school.
11 November 2013

Looks like someone's enjoying his bagel too!

Both times, we ordered the Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bagel Muffin, and also the Ham & Egg Bagel Muffin.

The bagel muffins are toasted in this urn thingy, and when it reach our hands, they are crispy on the outside, and yet soft and chewy in the inside. Is really orgasmic. lol.

Although I am a fan of salmon, but I must say that for here, my favourite is the Ham & Egg Salmon Bagel Muffin. I really like the combination of it. But for the other bagel muffin, I must say that they are very generous with the cream cheese spread and also the smoked salmon slices. So I think RM10 is worth it.
And most importantly, I felt full after eating the whole thing all by myself. It's a big portion.

And we also ordered an iced chocolate. (We ordered hot chocolate the first time, but no photos of it). They make really nice chocolate drink, dark and thick.

Shern enjoyed it so much.

And this is the reason why I returned - Yogurt with Jackfruit and Gula Melaka.
At RM10, it is rather pricey, but the portion is quite big, enough for 2. But since hubby doesn't like yogurt, I ate the whole thing all by myself, with an occasional spoonful or two for Khye.

It is homemade yogurt, so it is naturally more soury, but the addition of the jackfruit slices and gula melaka syrup complements the soury yogurt really well. And I love it!

A photo of the boys. We were seated at the front portion of the cafe, just next to the coffee machine. Tables and chairs are old school types, with some made using pellets. They are small in sized yet sturdy even for adults. 
When Shern saw the tables and chairs, he exclaimed that they are for dwarfs. lol.

One thing though. I don't see any baby chairs/high chairs around. As Kkhye is able to sit rather sturdily now, I am not so fussy. But I was still a little afraid he might fall down when he shifts his weight around or something, so I put another chair next to his for some additional support.

Shern was very happy just sitting next to the huge mirror and playing by himself, and also with his toy train.

And what about Khye?

Well, he was also busy just staring outside the glass partition, and watched the vehicles/traffic goes by.

Look at him resting his head/chin on the chair.

And that was how hubby and I got some peace finishing our food. Shern with the mirror and his train, and Khye doing some traffic watching. Haha.

And a visit to Mugshot Cafe is never done without taking some mugshots!

 Khye, and me with my 2 kiddos.

 And just them, the brothers.

On the way home, Shern fell asleep in his booster seat. But Khye somehow got very tickled by something and was laughing non-stop. And I managed to capture a few happy shots of my sunshine cutie pie.

And that summarize our visits to the Mugshot Cafe.
A lovely place with good food which I see myself visiting it again very soon.

Mugshot Cafe
Add: 302, Chulia Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang
Contact Number: 012-4056276
Business Hours: 8am - 9pm

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