Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family Photoshoot - Part 2: Shern

14 March 2013 @ 3 years 9 mths

This is Family Photoshoot - Part 2: Shern. (Pls click for Part 1: Khye)

As I said, Shern joined us for the photoshoot this time. He was 3 yrs 9 mths then.
I allowed Shern to bring his favourite train along to the studio to keep him occupied while waiting. But then Karen decided to just let him enjoy what he likes most, and just photograph him like that, which is great.

So this is a photo of Shern playing with his trains on the floor. He went spinning his body round and round with it, just like what he always does at home.

I was glad he was in a good mood that day. Or should I say that Aunty Karen knows how to entertain kids. Yes, Shern was pretty excited and happy about Aunty Karen's toys room. So we got plenty of smiles from my big boy.

Love this spontaneous shot of Shern.

And Shern was being funny with this big cowboy hat. It covers his whole face, and he found that hilarious.

These 2 shots of Shern with Daddy which I love.

p/s - Tune in for Family Photoshoot - Part 3: Family of Four coming up very soon in the next blog post. ;)
Click here for Family Photoshoot - Part 1: Khye

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