Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our First Time to Occupy Beach Street, Penang

It was our first time last weekend to the Occupy Beach Street event held on Beach Street/Lebuh Pantai every Sunday.
1 Dec 2013 - At Occupy Beach Street event

We woke up early to go there because I wanted to feel the cool morning fresh air. I didn't want to reach there when it was near to burning hot at mid morning.
Both kids were alert and happy to go kai-kai so early in the morning.


We reached at about 8.30am and the air was so fresh when we got out of our car. We saw many birds in the sky. It was quite a cloudy morning though and we hoped it won't rain so soon.
We parked quite some distance away, so lazy Shern 'jom-ed' the stroller, so I had to babywear Khye as we walked towards Beach Street.

Took a selfie family portrait of the 4 of us before we started our journey!

There were many activities going on, such as the Floorball Challenge, Magic Performance, etc.

Shern quickly wore his helmet, and his elbow and knee guards and rode on his scooter.
Khye was then plopped on the stroller.

We passed by the Street Market and saw many things on sale.

Love the stuff for sale on this vintage van. Didn't get anything though as I was too busy keeping my eyes on both kids as it was quite crowded nearby the Street Market area.

But as he walked past the Street Market, nearby the India House building, it was less crowded and Shern got to zoom away with some speed. He loved it because he got to zoom in the middle of the road, which is rare. And that made him felt like he was the King of the Road! haha.

Nearby there were some makeshift stalls with some games for the kids. They are free.
Shern had a try on trying to hit the cans down with a tennis ball. He did quite well, hitting 4 out of 6 cans.
He did pretty badly on the Angry Bird Attach though, missing all 3 targets.
Those who did better walked away with a lollipop, which Shern didn't. I'm proud that Shern now can accept defeats and thus did not make a noise when he was not given a lollipop. Good job Shern!

And then we went to search for my friend Kee who manned the Batik Painting booth in the Whiteaways Arcade building. Found him in one of the walkways leading to the building near the Subway. 
I asked Shern if he would like to try his hand on Batik Painting. He surprisingly said yes.
Well, Shern is not a very erm, artsy person. He is not very attention to detail and he hates colouring usually. But he likes craft.

But I must say that Shern did a very very good job.

Ok, first I traced a train picture of it on the cotton canvas. Then I tried to wax it for him using the canting tool as it was dealing with hot wax.
But somehow on that time, Khye was crying and bawling away so loudly that I could not concentrate and was rushing as Shern was eager to start painting.
So kind Kee helped me to wax the outline for Shern. He did a much better job than me definitely.

And at last it was Shern's turn to paint.
Kee explained to him the colour mixing and such and Shern was painting away.

Shern concentrating on his painting.
Shern working in progress...
The painting part, he did almost everything himself, with choosing the colours and such.

And the finished work is excellent!!!

Although it is a far cry from the work of the professional (the cute Mike from Monster Inc painting is done by Kee!), but I am still so proud of Shern's work!

Shern holding up his beautiful batik painting canvas proudly posing for a photo with it.
Shern went away saying 'Thank You Uncle Kee and Uncle San. I want to come again and do more batik painting on more trains!' lol. Glad he enjoyed himself so much.

Then we spotted some musicians playing some music while the kids had some free draw on the tarred road using coloured chalks. So Shern went to join in.

After that father and son went for a Chess Game.
It was actually hubby being the mastermind. Hubby instructed the moves, and Shern executed it. lol.

There was also a Miniature Gelwax Garden booth, but we did not particpate on that. Next time.

Then Shern spotted this Giant Snake and Ladder Game on the floor with the huge dice. And he wanted to play. So we let him try, but he kept on sliding down the snake and he was always at the bottom of the board.
Shern was one of the youngest players there.

And Khye got bored and sleepy, look at his bored piggy face. lol.

So I let Khye roll the stroller, which he loves to do (Khye cannot walk yet, just cruising around).

After that we sat on the pavement and he found a scrunchie on the floor, which he tried to kick it with his leg while sitting down.
Just a scrunchie and my 'lil sunshine was so happy playing and kicking with it for 10 minutes. lol.

Look at his happy face, while kicking it. :D

And then I couldn't wait anymore. The sun was out and it was hot then. And we were hungry. And Shern was still at the near bottom of the board. "_"
So I told him last 2 throws of the dice and we had to go. He obliged.

But he pleaded for a last ride on his scooter before we leave, and I obliged as well.
The crowd disappeared then as it was almost noon and was getting real hot. And Shern had fun riding on his scooter for another 5 mins.

3 of us waiting nearby as hubby went to take the car.

We tried out Roti Bean at Chulia Street.

Menu was limited with only Eggs Benedict with 3 or 4 different toppings or Eggs on Toast.
And the only drinks they had on the menu was their homemade Soya Bean original, or Soya Bean Special, which was with Gula Melaka and something. That's all.
We tried both and I feel they tasted almost similar.

I had the Eggs Ben with Salmon, while Hubby had with Turkey Bacon or something.
Photos look nice, but actually taste was just so-so.
I had nicer Eggs Ben elsewhere. The Hollandaise was a tad too sourish to my liking, but then I must them credit as everything was supposed natural and heard that the sauce was made using natural yogurt.
But salmon portion was pretty generous, and I like their bread. Fluffy and chewy at the same time, almost bagel-like.

Ordered the Egg on Toast for the kids, which was a big hit!
I actually prefer this simple fare as it was done really well. The toasted bread was good and I love the brown thing on the side which looks like a bread croquette.

Khye munching on some baby puffs and playing with the high chair while waiting for me to feed him his food.

In the end, koko Shern came to his rescue. He fed Khye some bread off his plate!
Yay for siblings! :D

Both kids konked out in the car on the way home at almost 2pm.

A very fun Sunday morning. I love bringing my kids outdoors and I really appreciate Penang having such outdoor-sy events. We will surely be back!

Oh ya, I'm still admiring Shern's Batik Paiting! It's really lovely! :D

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