Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Birthday To The Littlest Man In The House Yiu-Khye!

Dearest Yiu-Khye,

You are our 'lil cutie pie. You bring so much sunshine to our lives. I still cannot believe you are now one. It amazes us watching you grow, your every milestone. Your smiles and giggles make us smile, even your recent favourite bull-dog-pouty face! Wish your days are filled with sunshine and love as you grow!
14 September 2013 - Khye @ 1 year old

Happy Birthday to the littlest man in the house.
Happy Sunshine 1st Birthday Yiu-Khye!

We love so so much!

Daddy, Mummy and Yiu-Shern koko, and everyone else in the family.

Here is a short video clip done by my dearest talented friend Josie of Pixous Photography, of the mini party we had last night. (Yes, she did this video for me until the wee hours! Thank you so much Josie!)

I love this video clip, love the song and in fact love everything!
Hope you enjoy watching this as much as me.

(will blog about the party later, when I get the photos! So Stay tuned)

Video by Josie Teh of Pixous Photography


Anonymous said...

So lovely!!!!!!! You are such an awesome mom lah Shu-Yin!! Look at the smile spread across both your boy's face.. priceless!!!! :)

tanshuyin said...

Hie Emily,

Thank you.
Haha. You are an awesome mum too, taking care of jaden ALL BY URSELF! awesomeness la!

Angeline said...

Love the sunshiney theme and yes that is a beautiful song on the video! What song is that?

tanshuyin said...


Yes, sunshine theme suit my little happy sunshine boy!
The song is Taylor Swift's Never Grow Up!