Thursday, December 19, 2013

Family Photoshoot When Khye Turned One - Part 2: Shern

September 2013 - Shern @ 4 years 3 mths

This is Family Photoshoot When Khye Turned One - Part 2: Shern (click here for Part 1: Khye)

Shern is now a big boy at 4 yrs 3 mths. But his favourite is still trains.
Sure he has other favourites as well such as pirates and mickey mouse, but nothing can beat his favourite trains. He loves trains so much it scares me sometimes. He even prays to God at night asking Him to let him dream about trains. How about that?

Haha, so it is inevitable that some of the photos of him are with his favourite trains.

Shern can be such a charming boy when he is in the right mood,
He has such a natural smile and laughs so widely and easily when he is happy.

Look at his expression here. Priceless.

I like that Karen captured Shern's many different expressions. This is one of them. Shern having a moment of 'sigh, I'm so tired' kinda expression.

Shern with Daddy.
Do they look alike? Many say they do.

And this is Shern having some fun with Daddy.

And then is time for Shern and Mummy.
Love our smiles.

Stay tuned again for Part 3: Four In The Family.

Photo Credits - Karen Sim from The K Studio

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