Thursday, May 16, 2013

Family Photoshoot - Part 3: Family of Four

This is Part 3: Family of Four in the Family Photoshoot series. (Click for Part 1: Khye, and Part 2: Shern)

It was indeed a challenge to take family photos with all of us looking straight and the camera, and smiling at the same time. Especially when you have a pre-schooler, AND a baby who wouldn't keep still.
But Karen was very well prepared and obviously seasoned to take babies photos. She had in hand a big object (in our case, a large stalk of fake flower) or a squeaky toy which she waved and sounded it, to attract their attention, especially Khye's. But still, it was still indeed challenging. So most of the credit goes to her that our family photos turn out so great!

So we had many photos of either one or more of us, either not looking at the camera, or not smiling, etc. These are the few great shots that everyone looks QUITE alright.
Love these photos.

Thank you Karen / The K Studio for these wonderful, wonderful photos which we will cherish forever!

P/s - Please click for Family Photoshoot:  Part 1: Khye, and Part 2: Shern

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