Saturday, December 21, 2013

Family Photoshoot When Khye Turned One - Part 3: Four In The Family

September 2013 - Four In The Family

This is the Family Photoshoot When Khye Turned One - Part 3: Four In The Family (click here for Part 1: Khye, and Part 2: Shern)

I love, love, love taking nice family photos. And we don't usually take photos as a family often because either hubby or me will be the cameraman. So I really appreciate when someone is kind to offer to take family photos of us when we are out.

And I must say Karen did a great job.
Let me stress this, it is simply not easy to take family portraiture with young kids.

It was difficult to get my 2 kiddos to look at the camera at the same time. Or even to cooperate to sit/stand in a certain position. And it was nearly impossible to get Khye to pose, but he was being cute just by being himself.

Shern was being such a ruckus then and he made so much noise that Khye was looking at his brother all the time, and not at the camera.
And so Karen miraculously whipped out some props to catch Khye's attention to look at the camera. Out came a big flower, and also some toys with sounds. That got Khye interested.
But then it got Shern interested in the props and toys as well, and he wanted them too. What a headache, right?

But yet, Karen did it, without us feeling too fuzzed out or something. We were still looking very happy. Kids were still happy and smiling. And she got to capture these amazing photos of the four of us.

A more closed-up shot of us.

And lastly, a precious Couple Shot of just hubby & me.
A very rare photo indeed. It has been such a long time since we had a decent photo of just the 2 of us, without the kids. Thanks Karen.

Thanks again Karen for such wonderful photos.
You are really wonderful.

Photo Credits - Karen Sim from The K Studio


Serenely said...

Great family photos! I love the blue theme you guys have got going there

tanshuyin said...

Hie Serene,

Thanks for the compliments. I love the photos too.

I always like it when we family wear some sort of coordinated theme. It really ties the whole look. haha.

Josie said...

Love all the pics Shu-yin! Gorgeous family u hv... I wish someone will take nice pics for us too but I dun think hubby would hire... We hv to depend on our tripod ;p

tanshuyin said...

I think your Lucas boy is posey enough without needing to hire a photographer. Save it for when u have 2 kids, that's when it is harder to manage for everyone to look at the camera! haha