Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Conversation With Shern @ 4 1/2 Yrs Old

Conversation With Shern @ 4 1/2 Yrs Old. Some of them I'd posted on Facebook the past few weeks.


While in the car on the way home,

Shern: Mummy, how does the mermaid shi shi? I cannot see it.
(Both hubby and me were pretty amused by his question, and I think that was a really clever question because I haven't thought about that before)Me: Mermaid shi-shi like those fishes do I think.
Shern: Then where is the mermaid's toilet? When mermaid shi shi, will all the water mix with all the ocean water?
(wow...another clever question!)

Kids are just getting too smart nowadays!


Shern: Daddy, just now you knocked my leg so painful.
Daddy: Sorry.
Shern: Sorry to who? Sorry to the wall ah?

(lol, he must have learned this from school or something. But it was hilarius when we heard it the first time!)


Shern: Mummy, cannot say 'lah' right? Then I will say 'loh', can or not?

(haha, by the way, Shern is a typical Malaysian with all the 'lah' and 'loh' and 'wan'. All from us I guess!)


Shern says he wanted to get married. I told him you need to be an adult first. Then find a girl you like and likes u back. Then he can get married.

Shern thought for awhile and said he knows who's the girl. I asked who's that.

Shern: Aunty Pauline Ooi!
Me: But she already married Uncle Chun Hoer, so she cannot marry you.
Shern: But she is so pretty when she wedding with Chun Hoer!
(Shern was the ring bearer at their wedding, so he especially loved that wedding!)

Hoho....beware, my son's a bride snatcher!!!


I saw Shern fidgeting with his pants and knew that he wanted to pee.

Me: Shern, go toilet shi-shi pls.
Shern: But I just shi-shi in the house.
Me: Go shi-shi when you have to go.
Shern: Cannot hold shi-shi, if not will become rock.
(I told him about kidney stones before if you hold your pee)
Me: Yes, and you will be sick.
Shern: Golden rock.
Me: what golden rock?
Shern: Coz my shi-shi is yellow so will become golden rock lor..
Me: "_"


Shern saw a sumo wrestler photo of a Japanese restaurant logo, and he asked 'What is this GORRILA doing here?' Lol


Shern: I need to look at my train for a long time so that I can dream about it at night.

(Boys and his trains.


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