Saturday, September 24, 2011

Teluk Bahang Dam - Wow...So Big!

That was what Shern exclaimed when he saw the Teluk Bahang Dam..." big"!

It is indeed a big and wide space, as where most dams are located. It is nice to be able to feast your eyes on empty wide space in Penang Island, which is rare as most green places are full of tall trees.

20 August 2011

The Teluk Bahang Dam is surrounded by small little hills of greens and rocks. I've watched the Dragon Boat Race being held here a few years back.

Shern was happy walking along the tar road, holding one of his toy cars (as usual!).

This is what he showed me when I said "Shern, look at mummy and smile!"

That's him turning back and grinning for the camera.

Shern was looking at the water intently looking for fish. We couldn't spot any, guess we were too far from the water!

Then, Shern tried to peel of the plastic of the cheese. He always gets to snack during our outings.

Yee-Pho came with us as well.

That's hubby leaning against the railings.

And that's me with the postcard scenery.

Shern posting with Yee-pho.

Shern smiling away because he persuaded daddy to carry him.

Look at his cheerful face.

There are chairs along the path and Shern was sitting on one of them.

Shern standing on the chair and posing.

Shern and daddy again, coz mummy is the camerawoman. :)

Alas, a photo of the 3 of us!

When we were about to leave, it started drizzling. We ran to our car.
5 minutes later, it was raining very heavily. Just in the nick of time! :)


WendyinKK said...

it's nice to bring kids out. They learn.
Bring him to Kenyir..... humongous. Ride boat until I can fall asleep.

tanshuyin said...

kenyir in Terengganu?
whoa...can ride boat in the dam summore. shern would be so happy. haha

tanshuyin said...

btw, why are u still up so late? it's almost 2am!