Monday, August 29, 2011

Reciting from 1 to 10

A few months ago, we started teaching Shern to count. He started off knowing just 1, 2, 3 and gradually up to 5. Then slowly, he knows more but more than often he skipped some numbers in between.

Then he watched the advertisement on TV on '10 Reasons you should choose Thai Airways'. In the ad, the narrator counted the reasons from one to ten. Shern always imitates the narrator whenever he sees the ad on TV. So watching ads has its own benefits, huh?

Recently, Shern could recite one to ten correctly. Quite fast without much pausing and no more skipping certain numbers.
But then, he could only recite them, and not really counting.

If I place a few cars in front of him and asks him 'tell mummy how many cars are there'. Shern would just recite...
"one, two, tree, pour, fai, sik, seven, eight, nai, ten"
...without actually counting how many cars are there.

I captured below video to look back in the future how my baby recites the numbers in his funny pronunciation. ;)

So I hereby announce Shern at 26 months can now recite from 1 to 10, but not actually counting them YET!

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