Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hubby's 31st

Today, hubby turns 31.
I still think he looks too young to be 31. Gosh, sometimes I think he makes me look so old.

Hubby, 31 yo

We had a mini cake cutting celebration at MIL's place. After a sumptuous lunch cooked by MIL, we brought out the cake. Shern couldn't wait to cut the cake and to blow out the candles.
And oh gosh...Shern and his recent signature smile. ;)

l: Hubby with Shern
r: 3 of us

A nice photo with hubby's parents.

Just by looking at this video, you would know how happy Shern was, in fact, happier than the birthday boy. :P

For dinner, it was just the 2 of us. I made reservation at That Little Wine Bar (more about that in the next post) and was glad we did not bring Shern. That place has such a nice ambiance that I'm sure they would chase us out if Shern was there. Haha.

l: That Little Wine Bar
r: Hubby sitting on our table for 2

Anyway, hubby had a chocolate cake on the house by them. ;)

Back home, we had another mini celebration, this time with my side of the family. Bought 4 pieces of cakes and just joined them together.

Shern was happy that he got to blow the candles and to cut the cake again. Look at his signature smile again. Haha.

l: Hubby with Shern
r: 3 of us

A photo with my side of the family

There, 3 cakes in one day. How's that for the birthday boy?
Happiest of all is Shern I think. ;D

So, what did I get hubby for his birthday?
I was cracking my head on what to get him, because, as you know, hubby's likes are really very few.
So I just gave him a book of Love Coupons. I gave him this before 2 years ago during Valentine. He loved it then but my love coupons then was so ugly, that I decided to make him another.

Love Coupons made by yours truly ;)

I think he is a happy man once he glanced inside the coupons because the coupon reads:
- One day without chores
- One evening in bed for you to laze around
- One smooch, anytime, any place, any reason

Hubby says he wants 365 coupons for those, because he wants to use it every day. :P

Happy Birthday Darlin'.
Wish you much health, love and happiness in whatever you do.
I love you.

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