Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shern Knows His Nursery Rhymes

Recently, Shern has taken quite a liking to Nursery Rhymes.
You know, those famous rhymes like "Little Jack Horner, Jack and Jill, Little Bo Beep, etc". Well, he kind of knows them all."

It started out when I dug out some books which has those rhymes and read it to him. He seems very tickled by some of it, of course with some exaggerated actions and sounds that I make to make it more interesting.

The book on the left belongs to one of us sisters, which is like more than 15 years at least. The book on the right is a secondhand book bought from Leo Bookstore.
These are good, hardcover books with clear words and colourful illustration. They are good enough for me and Shern. ;)

I also bought this piece of Nursery Rhymes Sheet from Jusco quite awhile ago and recently only stuck this at the wall of our bedroom, beneath my huge wedding photo frame. Look how dwarf it is compared to my wedding photo frame. :P

Well, if possible, use Blu-Tack to stick this to your wall, so that it will not stain your wall.

Sticking the Nursery Rhymes there prove to be a hit with Shern. He loves it. He now asks us to read/sing these rhymes to him, and he knows many of them too. Sometimes he can read to you a word or two, or even a sentence of it.

Below video shows how Shern completes the last word of each sentence of the Nursery Rhymes.

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