Monday, August 15, 2011

Shern's First Ferry Ride

To continue on our cuti-cuti Penang exploration, we brought Shern for a ferry ride from the Penang Island to mainland Prai. It was Shern's first ferry ride as well.

It was a bright and sunny Thursday. Shern was excited when we told him we are going on a ferry. We waited quite awhile, about 15 minutes before we got onto the ferry. Once in, we got down from our car. Shern was happy when he saw many boats and ships docking in Weld Quay.

And then we pointed out to him how a ferry looks like and that it is the same as the one we are sitting on.

4 August 2011

Yellow being his favourite colour, he was happy to spot the iconic yellow ferry.

Shern was even more happy when he saw the many motorbikes and cars in the ferry itself. Haha.

Off we went. Took him to the rear of the ferry.

Shern clinging onto daddy tightly.

Shern enjoying the sea breeze and view with daddy.

Shern with mummy.

It was about 15-20 minutes ferry ride. Costs us Rm7.70 which is more expensive than the bridge toll but really worth it because Shern enjoyed himself a lot. After that we went to the Penang Bird Park in Prai before we took the ferry back to Penang. ;)


Ashley said...

its nice sharing info. here,
I think in childhood itself Shern got a great experience with ferry ride from the Penang Island to mainland Prai. You captured nice pictures. Procure it and show them when he grows. He might get thrill at future days. You couple had enjoyed with your shern a lot i think so.

tanshuyin said...

Hie Ashley,

Thanks for visiting my blog.
My photography skill is not good. I only use a point-and-shoot camera on Auto mode most of the time. :)

And yes, we try to spend as much time with our son as possible. Whenever he is happy, we are happy too! ;)

Btw, how did u stumble upon my blog?