Thursday, August 25, 2011

Penang Bird Park in Prai/Butterworth

After Shern's ferry ride from Penang to Prai/Butterworth, we drove to the Penang Bird Park in Prai.

Most of the directions we found online shows us how to get there via Penang Bridge. But since we were going to Prai via ferry, we need to somehow find our own means. In the end, Miss Garmin took us there. ;)

It is actually quite easy to get there from the Ferry Terminal. It is just that somehow I did not see any signboards even when we got nearer to the park. Penang really has to improve their signage of Places of Interests if we really want to lure more tourists.

Basically from the Ferry Terminal, just drive straight for like 10 minutes. Then there is this big road on a left and just turn in there. The road should be Jalan Todak. (I don't remember seeing any signage about the Penang Bird Park).

We parked just outside the park. We reached there around 10.00am. Since it was a weekday and the park is not very well-known, there were not many cars parking there. Well, unless they park elsewhere.

4 August 2011 - Entrance of Penang Bird Park

Entrance fee is quite expensive, but it was alright because we don't go there often. In fact, it was my second time there and hubby's and Shern's first. My first time was during school days in one of our school trips. ;)

For Mykad holders, it is RM15 for adults and RM7.50 for children. They charge us RM1 for bringing a camera in.

Shern was excited even at the payment counter, because he saw some birds perching there.

The moment we went in, we saw some owls perching on a tree. Shern kept on saying "owl" "owl" "owl" because he could recognize them.
Then there was this owl which somehow opened only one eye. The other eye was kept shut. Shern tried to imitate the owl but ended up closing both eyes. Haha.

Then there were many different birds on closed cages, which I don't like. The cages are not that big and it was quite an ugly site. But Shern was fascinated and insisted on walking by himself without holding our hands. Since there was no one there (we could not see anyone there except us), it was alright for him to run free as long as he did not get too far.

Shern looking through the fence to see some Storks.
I just learned that Storks have no syrinx and are mute, giving no call. Their mode of communication is bill-clattering.

See Shern walking happily along the path in front of us.

He stopped to see a mini man-made waterfall, and to see some storks drinking water.
Shern then said he wanted to drink water too. Haha. He saw others drink water, and then he also tended to want to drink too.

Noticed his right hand carrying a red plastic man? We got it from McD Kiddy Meal as we grabbed it for breakfast.

He then saw some emus and went nearer to them. I told him that he could go near and see and he could not touch the fence. I was afraid that the emu peck him or something. So better be cautious.

Then we came across a bridge thingy and he was happy to walk on it. We allowed him to walk by himself because the railings look high and safe enough for him.

Stopped to see some fishes in the water.

We spotted some deers across the bridge.
And I told Shern to hold the plastic man tightly in his hand. Because if not, the plastic man could fall into the water. ;)

And when we reached the rotunda, Shern sat down...haha...just like what we did at the Teluk Bahang Fisherman Jetty. So I told Shern we were not going to sit down this time. :)

While walking on the bridge, I spotted an Indian Temple. So nice.

We then came to a heavy, fenced gate. In it, the birds roam free without cages.

Spotted these four storks but all four were standing on one leg. Or do they stand on one leg all the time?

So happy to spot this peacock spreading its tail proudly.
And this old stork standing there so still that we thought it was a fake.

Then Shern saw ducks.

He was surprised why they weren't yellow in colour. All the cartoon ducks he saw on tv and books were all yellow. These ducks were brown and white.

This photo like father, like son. Both were wearing blue.

Shern was smiling happily while I snapped his photo.

We also spotted other animals such as monitor lizards, pythons, crocodiles and even some mouse deers.

After that, it was almost 11am, which was time for the Bird Show. We reached there just in time nicely.
Spotted this hornbill and eagle, which both were also performing birds at the Bird Show.

Love these cute pair of owls. And the colourful parrot. These are petting birds, which means after the show, you could let them perch on your hand and then take photos, for a small fee.

This is the stage of the Bird Show.

When we sat on the bench, we were the only family there. After awhile, we saw a Chinese couple from China and an elderly Australian couple. Then halfway through the show, an English family with 2 young kids joined the crowd.
That was all of us at Penang Bird Park!

The Bird Show's emcee was quite terrible. She speaks really bad English. Very bad pronunciation and grammar with a strong Chinese accent. I wonder if the other people there understand what she was trying to say.

But tricks were so-so but the most interesting part of all, was when the bird trainers called for the birds and they came flying in so low, almost touching our heads. (we were given caution not to stand up).

Then we saw these Pelicans, like those in Finding Nemo. They did not shout "Mine, mine, mine", but they were seen opening their mouths eagerly when their trainers throw them fishes.

The Bird Show lasted for half an hour, which was more than enough as it was getting hot, and also due to the bad English I could not stand. Haha.
After the show, we went home.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip to the Penang Bird Park, especially since Shern did not make a fuss and did not asked to be carried at all! ;)

Penang Bird Park / Taman Burung Pulau Pinang
Jalan Todak, Seberang Jaya,
13700 Perai, Penang,

Visiting Hours: 9am to 7pm

Tel : 604-399 1899
Fax : 604-399 1899

Email :


WendyinKK said...

I first went here 20 years ago, before they even opened.
My dad was a friend of the owner and we went in for free.
Gosh, that was like soooooooo long ago.
I'm planning to bring my girls to KL bird park next Monday. I hope they like it there.

tanshuyin said...

Wendy, so since they are opened, u havent been there?

it is not a bad place for kids to learn and explore, although the place is not that big. And I like it that it is not full of people.

that is, if u can bear with the hosts's bad english! ;P

btw, tell ur dad to tell his friend that there shd be proper signage to get to the park. i googled and most people got lost. :)

WendyinKK said...

Err... cannot ask my dad to tell them. My dad passed away not long after we went there... :p
I remember I saw my first swan there, and some more got black swan. Unforgettable.

My girls enjoyed KL bird park, especially the feeding session.

tanshuyin said...

im so sorry bout your dad. didn't know that.

black swans, hmm...i must have missed them. hehe.

next time we go to KL, must pay KL Bird Park a visit then. recommended by wendy wor. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I believed you have just gone through less than 20% of the Bird Park. Before you enter the bridge near the Emu enclosure, you should turn right. All the pheasants, hornbills, eagles, crocodiles, the walk-in-aviary where you can hand-feed the birds, cassowary, pythons and many more have been missed by you! No wonder you were complaining the entrance fee being expensive. You should visit it again. Bye.

tanshuyin said...

Hie Anonymous,

Thank you for pointing this out to me. I will look out for that area we missed when we go back to the Bird Park.
Thanks a lot.