Monday, July 11, 2011

Being A Malaysian

I grew up singing 'Negaraku', 'Malaysia Berjaya', 'Sejahtera Malaysia' and many other patriotic songs. I grew up proud to be a Malaysian.

Until now, although most of my friends are Chinese, I also have Malay and Indian friends, some even became very good friends. I love how it is relatively safe to walk through the streets and mingle with people of different races and religions and yet we have a common language - Bahasa Malaysia.

Now that I am a mother, I'm proud that my son holds the Malaysian Passport. When I speak almost fluent English when I visited US, people were amazed and asked where am I from. I beamed proudly and answered 'Malaysia'.

Hubby now talked frequently of migrating to other countries for a better education and better future for our children. I used to ignore him because deep down in my heart, I love Malaysia and still has hope for Malaysia.

But after the recent Bersih 2.0 Rally, I became sad. Sad to actually see and realized what Malaysia has now become. Our country, although so called democratic, does not even allow peaceful protests and our police acting violence against peaceful protesters. All we want is to have clean and fair elections!

Maybe hubby is right. Maybe we need to move out of Malaysia for a better future for our children. We are after all being called 'pendatang asing' by our own people in our own country!


WendyinKK said...

Same goes

Daniel Chew said...

if you have a steady source of income not dependent in the country, then no problem

Peter Lim said...

i doubt many of us dependent on the country. Actually, its the other way round. The country depends on us all thru Taxes, Inflation and EPF.

Sue Ann said...

Yes, it sad...real sad. I'm thinking of moving out too...but jk used to call me crazy :(

Soo Huey said...

has peter lived overseas? u think yourself whether it will be better.

Bersih shows us moving forward as a people. The country has never been better. Its just that it was out of sight for some Malaysians. Bersih brought things into view for some, which should give us even more impetus to continue progressing forward. The protests and what happened were a positive sign.

Anyway, I'll be here.

tanshuyin said...

Wendy....many ppl feel the same way.

Daniel...what do u mean by source of income dependent by the country? The only person I could think of are retirees. Hmm?

Darlin...yes, agree.

Sue Ann...haha, I used to tell hubby he is crazy too for wanting to migrate.

Shuey...with Bersih, I can see that we the people are wanting change, and hopefully, we can get it soon.

chiaoju said...

i'm staying put in Malaysia. unless i get kick out of the country i suppose.

i'm not a believer of migrating to some other place. ultimately, malaysia is home. yes, our leaders suck. big time. nonetheless, Bersih showed that Malaysians have awaken, and is ready to make a change for the better.

like u, i too am proud to be a Malaysian. hehe

Kate said...

Grass is always greener the other side. :)

After migration & integration into the society, don't be surprised you could still fall into the situation of 'second class citizens'.

Giap Seng said...

Actually, I may sound crazy, but...

I love people like "Ibrahim Ali"

If without people like Ibrahim Ali, do you think pakatan can take over so many states, denying the 2/3 majority of BN?

So, with what Najib do nowadays, with the way the country continue to be mismanaged (big time), I am really happy....

I am really happy that Najib screw up big time this round. People (especially those who grow up shouting Malaysia Boleh) are started to know that it is perfectly OK to vote for opposition.

Opposition may be inexperience in ruling the state, but they are also inexperience in corruption, abusing of power, etc.

tanshuyin said...

Karen...true also. Grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. Haha.

Giap Seng...hehe, maybe u r right ;)

Belly said...

There are places that are better and places that are worse. Also good and bad are subjective depending on what you want in life.

But, you can use objective measures to assist, use statistics available online.

On a personal level, the greatest gift from my parents is a foreign eduction.

On a tangent, really like your FB posts and your photos :)

Anonymous said...

It's true that we can find somewhere else better and get a better life for our children. But if all of us have the same thought, this country will never change :)

Just like most Malaysian, I love my country too. That's why I'm still here, to change my country to be a better one, and not migrating to a better country :)

Btw, your son is cute! I like the satay-eating pic xD

tanshuyin said...

Belly...u r Elisa?
All in all, I still love Malaysia. Of course I love other countries too, especially when Im on hols. I loved my year in Melb, loved Hong Kong etc. But deep down, Malaysia is still my home FOR NOW! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the compliments on my son. The satay-eating pics were actually taken using iPhone n i kinda think they look blurry. :)
I love Malaysia too that is why I've been ignoring my hubby. Haha. Let's hope Malaysia will change for the better and SOON! ;)