Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eating Satay Like a Pro

The Tan Family went down to KL last week. No, it was not for the Bersih 2.0 Rally. It was for some shopping therapy for the whole family. As usual, the guys came home empty-handed, while the girls shopped 'til they dropped. :P

On our journey back from KL, we stopped by the Sungai Buloh Jejantas R&R to have some Kajang Satays. Oohh...Shern loves Satays.

10 July 2011

He eats satays like a pro. Noticed how he holds the satay stick the correct way - horizontally? And not vertically, which could poke into his throat. Ain't he a satay pro? :P

(photos taken using my iPhone, so it came out a little blurry)

Well, he ended up eating 4 sticks of those huge satays!


Giap Seng said...

When a guy go shopping with a girl, the guy must hold the girl's hands tight.

You know why?

This is so that the guy can pull the girl away when the girl wanting to shop...

Just for laugh :-)

tanshuyin said...

Hahaha, very true. And that was probably why I ended up buying more than I intended. Coz Peter was not holding my hands. He was busy visiting Borders n MPH n Popular! Hehe

Elly said...

Your baby damn pro...solute...makan king for a 2 years old boy..haha

tanshuyin said...

Elly....Shern eats so much rubbish, not that good also. His poo very smelly. Haha