Wednesday, July 27, 2011

About Shern and Flying

Recently, Shern was watching the Cartoon Network in mum's house when he saw Superman cartoon.
Shern was commenting that 'uncle flying'.
You know, the part where Clark Kent transforms into Superman.

Clark Kent transforms into Superman (photo source: google images)

Well, Shern's comment terrified mum. Mum was afraid that Shern might try the stunt himself and she did not want anything like that to happen.
So, mum decided to explain and put them into words that Shern could understand.

And this is what mum taught Shern. (watch below video)

Shern now is able to say 'Shern-Shern cannot fly. Only cartoon can fly'.
And he knows birds, butterflies and airplanes can fly. Mummy, pho-pho, kong-kong, etc cannot fly. clever baby!

Another thing is this. Noticed how Shern can manage sentences now? He can say many words in a go and thus trying to make sentences. Yeah, his vocal and vocabulary is expanding rapidly.

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