Saturday, July 23, 2011

New TV!

This is how our TV looks like in our living room.
Yes, I think we are the only ones among our friends who has a boxed TV at home! It's a 29-Inch Panasonic TV.

We bought this TV in 2006 when we moved into our 1st home. At that time, flat-screened TV were still very expensive, so we chose to have this. And after 5 years, it is still working perfectly fine, so we are still using it.

Until yesterday......because......
We've won a Samsung 32-Inch LCD TV! Yay!

Yes, hubby was the lucky bird yesterday at The Star Property Fair Lucky Draw. You can read about it here.

So we are going to have a new FLAT-SCREENED TV in our living room! That is until we've got some help to move the huge boxed TV away. It is very heavy, you know!


Soo Huey said...

wah! so lucky!! i suppose if u were "the only ones among our friends who has a boxed TV at home", then now I must really be the only one since I too have a boxed TV at home!

Julia said...

Oh wow, congratulations. My Sony box tv is still in front of me. Hehe.

tanshuyin said...

So now I know I have 2 more friends more ulu than me. Haha. Shuey n Julia. Anyway, if we didnt win the lucky draw, i will still be using my boxed tv bcoz it is still in very good condition, and we dont watch too much tv anyway! ;)