Monday, March 22, 2010

A Sweet Weekend - Jelly & Pancakes

It was certainly a sweet affair for us last weekend. I was in the mood to make something sweet. I really have a sweet tooth since my pregnancy.

So instead of the usual guai lin gou (in which hubby & Min do not fancy), I made the jelly for the family.

I just followed the instructions at the back of the jelly powder packet and it turned out just a little too sweet. I'll have to reduce the sugar amount the next time.


And on Sunday, I made brunch which consists of pancakes with cherry tomatoes, mango cubes and banana slices. And of course, those who wish to drizzle their pancakes with honey or Hershey's chocolate are welcomed to do so.
Most of us topped it off with a scoop of ice-cream as well.

Three stacks of fluffy pancakes

Cubed mangoes and cherry tomatoes & a glimpe of the bananas

Oh, I really love my pancakes with bananas. I am indeed a very big fan of bananas. I like all kinds of banana deserts - banana muffins, banana bread, banana muffins, etc.

This time around, I could make the pancakes fluffier than the previous times. I used to use my spatula to flatten my pancakes as I thought it would make them brown more evenly. It ended up that my pancakes were flatten and non-fluffy.
Now after a few experiments, the tip to make fluffy pancakes is just to pour the batter onto the pan and resist the urge to mess around with it. Just leave it there 'til bubbles starts to appear and flip. All nice and fluffy! :)

We were all bloated after the brunch and we did not have anything else 'til dinner time at 7pm. :)


Shurainian said...

i dont like bananas!!! not Banana Split, not Goreng Pisang, anything banana is nono! when i go back, u need to make an extra one, just without bananas. hehehe

tanshuyin said...

then u juz choose the mango cubes and ice-cream lor...WITHOUT the banana slices. :D

Bananas are nice la!