Friday, March 5, 2010

Mama's Birthday on 22.2.2010

Mama's birthday was last Monday. We wanted to go out to have a good dinner. But since it was on the ninth day of the first lunar month in the Chinese Calendar, many Chinese stalls are closed after the midnight prayers the night before. So mama just cooked a simple meal at home and we brought home a cake.

Although Mama and Papa are not fans of cakes, what is a birthday without cake, right? So we brought a small Chocolate Strawberry Cake from Jenny Cake House.

The birthday madam posing all by herself in front of her cake. She just turned 65 this year.

3 Generations in the photo - mum, son and grandson

Putting my Canon Ixus on timer mode and all of us were captured in this photo. (note: Shern wanted to grab the birthday cake)

It was a small family affair but we had a good time.


chiaoju said...

hahaha! yea, the picture tells it all. his stretching arms and his excited face -- i wonder what would happen if he did grab the cake. =)

i shall come visit soon again. he's getting cuter by the day! =P

tanshuyin said...

haha. he will be as shocked as us IF he grabs the cake. :)