Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Dinner with Lovely People

My family & I had a great dinner on Sunday with Elsbeth and Otto and also with Pat and family. Yeah....13 of us including Shern...big table indeed 'til it was rather difficult to reach the food at the centre of the table.

Was surprised to receive some chocolate from Elsbeth & Otto as well as an Ang Pow for Shern. Very generous of them.

Chocolates from Switzerland

Dinner at Starview was great. Food was delicious to me, though some may not agree. Maybe because I was hungry (only ate pancakes for brunch! :P).

Too bad I did not take any photos of th.e food served because I was busy taking care of Shern, although dad did helped a lot too.
Shern was especially whiny that night. In the afternoon, I already made sure Shern had a long afternoon nap so that he would not be cranky during dinner. But I guess the 2 1/2 nap was not enough for him. He whined the moment we reached the restaurant. Sigh. I guess babies are unpredictable.

We managed to take a shot with Elsbeth and Otto together with Shern with a pacifier in his mouth to keep him quiet. *guilty

hubby, me, Elsbeth, Shern & Otto

It was a great evening. And ooh, I think I had 2 glasses of red wine. *even guiltier


Catherine said...

that top looks familiar..i think i have it too lol

tanshuyin said...

woo hoo...haha. which one u bought? all 3 types?

Catherine said...

woo nola, jst 1..i think similar if not the same as urs :P