Friday, March 5, 2010

Shern on Grobag - Gorgeous, Snuggly, Restful, Safe Sleep.

I've heard and read about baby sleep bag even before Shern was born.
I was reluctant to buy it because I was not sure whether would I be using it because we usually don't sleep in an air-conditioned room.

However, for the past few months, the weather here in Penang has been ridiculously hot. And if I were to carry Shern to sleep when he makes a fuss, both of us will be sticking to each other with our sweat.

So we have been turning the air conditioning on on most nights - at least for the first few hours of sleep. That was when I started researching about baby sleep bag again.

So what is a baby sleep bag?

Baby Sleep Bags are the safe alternative to traditional sheets and blankets. There are no covers to kick off or get tangled up in, so little ones stay cosy and safe during the night.

There are many different brands of a baby sleep bag but the leading one is Grobag.

You can read all about how Grobags/baby sleep bags provide babies with safe sleep.

So what makes Grobag so popular?

First of all, I like Grobag's aim of "Safety and comfort are at the heart of everything grobag do". This wins me there and then.

Safe - FSID’s (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) only recommended Baby Sleep Bag specialist

Good safety details - clever little extras like our secure zip-click and chin guard to ensure the head of the zip is tucked away under a cover, which is secured via a snap-on button under the chin. Firstly, it prevents baby from accidentally undoing the zip during sleep. Secondly, baby won't hurt himself because the zip is not exposed.

Choices - Available in a wide range of sizes, TOG rating and designs.
Four sizes (suitable for an age range from birth to 6 years old).
Three levels of TOGs (which basically measures warmth - higher equates to being warmer)

Chemical free - possess chemical free fire retardant polyester filling.

Comfort - cotton lining (100% cotton outer and 100% cotton flannelette lining on 1.0 tog) which is kind to baby's skin

Free nursery thermometer - help parents to regularly check if the sleeping bag being has the appropriate level of warmth.

I bought mine for a great bargain online.

Bubbles Grobag 1.0 tog

So now I put Shern on his Grobag whenever we turned on the air conditioning in our room. He sleeps peacefully. And I sleep peacefully too knowing he is safe and warm.

Now I am looking for another great bargain to buy another Grobag so that I can send this for washing and alternate using it.



scarediechickenme said...

Ehhh...that's cheap. How come I didnt see that price stated when i visited their site just now? :)

tanshuyin said... that price no more avail. only for stock clearance ;)

pENguiN~ said...


Been following your blog for a long time as a ghost reader. :)

Anyway, just wondering if Shern can still roll in the Grobag sleeping bag?

tanshuyin said...

Penguin...glad to know u now ;)

yes, Shern can still fit into his Grobag.:)

pENguiN~ said...

Hi Shu-Yin,

Sorry, what I mean is if Shern can roll over when he's in Grobag? My 5 mths+ baby girl rolls all over in her cot while sleeping and I wonder if she could use Grobag. :)

tanshuyin said...

surprisingly, even though Shern cant walk while wearing it, when he is sleeping in it, he can roll over left and right. Maybe because there is still much space left inside so he can still roll over here n there.

But I dont let Shern wear the Grobag every day. He only wears it if we turn on the aircond, and we dont do it every night, only when the weather is hot.

Ida said...

Hi Shu-Yin,

Come across your blog through a friend's link. Not sure whether this info. is a bit too late for u, but just thought of sharing.
There is another sleeping bag which has the same quality as grogbag but much cheaper. It is called Dreambag. My daughter has been using it since 4 months old. Very happy with their quality.

If you have anyone in UK, you can put their address as your purchase add. and ship to Msia. It is much cheaper to buy from their UK web site this way. Check it out.

tanshuyin said...


thanks for the feedback. I will check it out.