Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Teddies & Xmas Trees Chocolate Cookies

Just bought cookie cutters last weekend at the market. Wanted to try them out so was searching for a recipe. Of course my first choice is to have a chocolate-y recipe.

So I ended up 'modifying' the joyofbaking's Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe into my own Teddies & Xmas Trees Chocolate Cookies for this week's Bake Of The Week.

I did away the royal icing and added mini M&Ms instead.

Look at the beautiful chocolate Xmas Trees brightened up with colourful lights using M&Ms.

Look at the rows and rows of Chocolate Teddies with colourful buttons.

So they look beautiful.
But how is the taste?

Personally, I find the texture not crispy enough. Some batches are crispier than the others. I realized that the longer you bake, the texture will be crispier. But then, the longer you bake, the cookie will look a 'lil cracked.

Taste-wise is not bad. Chocolate-y enough and yet not too sweet.

I'm so tired after baking these cookies. It is because I only have 1 baking sheet. Thus, I have to bake them in so many batches.
And the dough needs to be refrigerated each time you wait for the next mouding session so that they will harden and not be too soft.

They are so pretty and cute that I think I am going to bake them for Shern next time. :D

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