Monday, March 8, 2010

Boring Talk But Good Food

I just came back from a Maybank Investment Talk by Paul Smith with hubby. The reason I went was because hubby told me there would be dinner served.
Yes, I am such a typical Malaysian - don't mind attending boring talks as long as I get to fill my stomach with good food. :P

The talk was indeed boring - about hedge funds on global markets. I only heard mumblings while I doodled on the piece of paper and pencil given. But I got to learned many things there while having dinner. Many of them are speculators and not investors. It was interesting to hear what they have got to say. Everyone of them there has their own point of view and experiences on 'investing'.

And I also got to know one person there who is a silent reader of my blog. Surprising, huh?

And oh, the buffet spread was really good. I love the lamb and beef steak. No regrets going. :D


Anonymous said...


So fast you had blogged about this.

I remembered someone teach me this, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt"

I occationally drop by your blog, and I actually enjoy reading your blogs, especially on Shern, and on you recipes, etc...

Giap Seng

tanshuyin said...

giapseng....good. at least i know someone out there appreciates my daily mundane life on bakes, shern n likes :)

Peter Lim said...

I appreciate too!. :-).