Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lunch @ Korea Palace

Met up with Mindy & Mun Yi for lunch last Sunday @ Korea Palace, Tanjung Tokong. It was my 2nd time there. (read my first time here)

We were the first customers to arrive there at 12noon. Maybe it was due to the Thaipusam jam, only 3 tables were occupied that afternoon.

I like the complimentary tea-with-roasted-nuts-taste. Mindy & Mun Yi didn't quite like it though. I thought it was something different, not the regular green tea.

There were the usual side dishes - kimchi and etc. There 9 varieties. Mindy ate almost all the kimchis (she loves it) and even ordered refill. She had stomach ache after that, claiming that it as due to the hot kimchi she ate.

side dishes

We ordered 2 BBQ meats - pork and chicken. The pork was without any seasoning but they have dips for us which was some oil (olive oil i suppose) with a little salt. The dip complemented the bbq pork very well. Surprisingly, it tasted nicer than the marinated bbq chicken we orderd.

I like Korean food bbq. They marinated the meats so nicely. I love wrapping the meats with lettuce.

barbecued pork

We ordered a bowl of soup recommended by the waiter. It came with a bowl of rice. The soup turned out very nice - spicy and very korean-ish.


They also gave us a complimentary egg dish (which I forgot to take any pics). It was so-so only. Tasted kinda bland to me.
The waiter helped us to take a few pics of us. They waiter was very helpful and took the pics from different angles.

Mun Yi, Mindy & me

As usual, we talked about everything and anything. I like seeing them. They make me feel so grateful to have such good friends.


Mindy said...

I'm very very sure it was the kimchi okay! It was instant processing. Probably too poisonous that my body flushed it out immediately. :P

Send me the photos ya.

tanshuyin said...

ok, will send u the photos thru email