Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's In My Handbag


These are the million items INSIDE my handbag:

- keys
- Nokia 6300
- comb
- my Larry long wallet
- small Vincci purse with all my discount cards (ranging from Tesco to Parkson's Elite Card to Toys 'R' Us Starclub)
- a storybook (currently being The Time Traveler's Wife)
- a 60 cent black pen
- 2GB PenDrive
- my Key Ng specs
- 14oz Rubbermaid water bottle
- An envelope with all the misc papers, receipts, etc
- a pack of tissues
- spare sanitary pads

No wonder I need a bigger bag now.
Anyway, nowadays with Shern around, I need to carry my handbag PLUS his diaper bag which is way bigger than my handbag *grin


Kate said...

sounds like you need a potter! :D

tanshuyin said...

karen...haha. yeaps. actually, i need a maid *hint hint*