Saturday, February 27, 2010

CNY Mischief

There is certainly no dull, boring days when hubby's favourite niece and nephew is back for the CNY hols. With one hyperactive baby AND two super-hyperactive toddlers, I gave up.

At times, I just left Jamie and Dylan to entertain Shern while I gobbled up my lunch or dinner.

And this time around, what mischief did they come up with?

A nice, red, dinosaur tattoo on Shern's left arm (i guess with the help from their mum since it is being so nicely tattooed)

So that was how Shern got himself his first tattoo. And he proudly wore his tattoo on his arm with sleeveless tops when I took him for CNY hse-visiting.
One of my friend's mum actually thought that Shern had a real tattoo on his arm!

Jamie & Dylan with their tattoos

The cheeky culprits smiling and posing with their new tattoos just in time to usher in the new year! :)