Friday, February 26, 2010

From Our Neighbours

Since we just moved into our new home, our new neighbours there are also fairly new themselves. They are actually newly-moved-in tenants. I like the friendly ang moh who always greets us with a smile and also the quiet, rather shy Chinese who is a chef at Hard Rock Hotel.

I was being surprised when hubby brought up six freshly baked Strawberry Cheese Tarts sometime last week.
"from our neighbours" was all he said.

Strawberry Cheese Tarts

Hmmm...I guess these delicious looking tarts were baked by the quiet, shy Chinese.
We are blessed with such nice neighbours.

p/s - our neighbours did tasted my blueberry muffins and banana muffins. And I heard that our chef neighbour finished the four banana muffins all by himself.

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